Who I am

My personality takes shape from the multifaceted social experiences I collected while living in Ferrara -my hometown -, Barcelona and Berlin.

My primary fonts of inspiration are humans and nature and their intrinsic relationship.

I feel a profound empathy for all beings and I am keen to get to know other people’s realities and cultures to maybe one day have a wider perspective of what open-mindedness means.

I made my life goal to contribute to the well-being of my surroundings with the means I dispose: creativity.
For this reason, my artworks intend to generate in the audience mindful reflections upon our contemporary socio-political time frame.


After working full-time for 3 years as a spatial sound designer for usomo -unique sonic moments- in Berlin, I decided to take on a new musical path.

In 2024 I will start studying music therapy , looking forward to help people and support their physical and mental well-being through sound and creativity.

Besides, I collaborate in various artistic projects, as a sound designer, art curator, project management, artist recruiter, and music producer.   

I love to organise, think, create, communicate, experiment, and be continuously challenged by my working and social environment.