Temporary exhibition, from 16 June to 31 July 2021

Happy in Berlin? Li-Be Literaturhaus Berlin

Spatial sound design with the usomo system 

Berlin through English Eyes maps the presence of English-speaking writers in the city. It provides information on writers who visited Berlin in the early twentieth century, and how they interacted with the spaces and culture of the city. 

Video Presentations for the Academy’s coaches 

Dreamers Academy - Barcelona

Sound design

Dreamers Academy is a holistic-oriented platform to guide creators and dreamers who aspire to have a positive impact on society, operating from an artistic and socially innovative sphere. The platform intention is to unify cultural management with psychophysical, emotional and intellectual well-being.  The techniques that we propose include nutrition, the emotional sphere and body awareness practices, such as yoga and meditation.



A permanent exhibition, opening October 2020.

Torn Island -Texel, Netherlands

Spatial sound design with the usomo system 

Step into a decisive moment in the story of the Georgian Uprising in WOII. You are transported into the minds of Georgian soldiers and Texel civilians who are discussing a change of tactics after a failed uprising: from now on it’s every man for himself. Listen to the echo of a past that divides the island until today. The narrative sets in a bunker that is rustic, raw, and where the walls have their own stories to tell.


Temporary exhibition, from 27-01-20 to 18-02-2020


"You Will Go Away One Day But I Will Not" - Botanischer Garten, Berlin

Spatial sound design with the usomo system in collaboration with CTM-Festival, Berlin. 

Maria Thereza Alves’ work You Will Go Away One Day But I Will Not was made in collaboration with the composer Lucrecia Dalt in the Botanical Gardens Berlin as part of the CTM Festival, Festival for Adventurous Music and Art 2020, with spatial sound production from usomo | unique sonic moments.

A permanent exhibition, opening may 2019


Sonic Wildness - ARS Electronica Center, Linz

Spatial sound design with the usomo system 

SONIC WILDNESS is an installation about precise hearing, but also about the introspective recording of an artificial sound landscape, which makes it possible to experience the “radical wildness” in the acoustic realm.