Emotion Particles for Beirut

Spatial sound design with the usomo system 

Emotion Particles for Beirut is a non-profit arts initiative dedicated to raising financial aid to assist victims of Beirut’s explosion last August.Emotion Particles is both, a conceptual sound library and an experimental artwork resulting from the collaboration of various artists, based in different cities around the Globe.The sample collection explores the sonic essence of emotions that are interpreted creatively by each sound artist. 

Release date 22-02-21


The Golden Hour

Co-Art curator and sound artist


Organization of a biannual series of art and music events in collaboration with Diffuse Reality Records and the digital and conceptual art platform Synthetic Velvet curated by Audrey Kadjar, presenting The Golden Hour as its 3rd Issue.The Golden Hour explores this fluid and enigmatic hour through experimental art installations and music sets – the celebration of a transitional time when the real becomes diffuse, fixed identities fade, and metamorphoses begin.


Unnatural Humanity –  Lukr.Range x ReedFloorian


Event to reschedule due to the pandemic. 

Liquid Motiv - for Teorema 2020

Sound designer and conceptual artist

Collaboration with Audrey Kadjar to create a short video-art presented as the main theme for the Barcelona, Berlin, and Buenos Aire’s editions of Teorema Festival 2020.

“From amniotic fluids to saliva, blood, rivers, oceans, and rain, liquids bring both life and death: they are essential to human life but also hold the power of submerging, swamping, and drowning. Liquids have a definite volume but no fixed shape, which allows them to flow freely with extraordinary lightness and mobility”.

February 2020 – December 2020 

Artistic Residency - SMEM -Swiss Museum for Electronic Music

Music Producer


5 days of experimenting, recording, playing, and discovering in the Play Room of the Swiss Museum for electronic music in Fribourg, Switzerland. 
Using analog vintage synthesizers, sequencers, modular synthesizers, fx pedals. 


August 2020

Everywhere and Now-here - 48H Neukölln

Co-Art curator and sound designer


An art installation created for the 48H Neukölln Art Festival to be exposed for the 2019 edition.
Sound designer and co-art curator in collaboration with Audrey Kadjar and Claudine Fanilia.

Everywhere and Now-here is an audiovisual triptych that explores human communication from a multifaceted perspective that critically engages with the present and future.


May 2019

“Time goes back

and goes forwards 

Time goes forwards  

and goes back. 

Repetitive cycles

of incomprehensive beliefs

repetitive cycles 

of unconscious hopes.

Facts as algorithm 

that predict the future

but lie in the past.

Memories that

become dreams

dreams that 

become memories.

They are everywhere

I am nowhere

I feel them everywhere

BUT I am nowhere.

Between past

and future

there is no border

but challenges.

I am here.”